How to Find the One

Create the Relationship of Your Dreams, Whether You're Single or in Relationship

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What You'll Learn:

✅ How to finally have the relationship of your dreams (whether you're single or in a relationship)
How to get ALL your needs met in a relationship
The real difference between masculine vs. feminine energy
How to identify your Attachment Style and learn how it is affecting your relationships
Skills for a healthy relationship with yourself and with a romantic partner
✅ And much more!

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone emotionally unavailable or exhausting? Do you find yourself constantly worried or insecure in your relationships?

Do you see others around you getting married or traveling with their partners while you can't land dates with high-quality people?

Would you like some tools to meet someone new, improve an existing relationship, or assess whether you should leave an unhealthy situation?

Do you find yourself bouncing from relationship to relationship, either frustrated with romantic partners or unsure of what you want?

If you're frustrated with relationships and want to finally have the relationship of your dreams, this course will help you finally achieve it!

This Course Includes:

  • 50+ Amazing Video Masterclass Lessons to transform your love life and achieve healthy, intimate relationships
  • Private Mastermind VIP Group Access - A community of amazing people going through the program along with you. This amazing group will provide you with support every step of the way. Not to mention the networking opportunities!
  • 24/7 Login - All digital and accessible content on desktop and mobile.
  • Free Small Group Coaching Session - Live access to Brendan on a small group relationships mastermind hour-long video call
  • Bonus: DO & DO NOT Text Scripts!

This is the exact system I used to recover from the relationship issues that haunted my past and I can now engage in healthy intimate relationships.

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Course Curriculum



Stop the Cycle of Always Being Single or Dissatisfied with Relationships: The strategies in this program will help you discover why you are experiencing the same relationship issues and how to make the shift to happy, healthy relationships.

Avoid Relationship Pitfalls: I share the same pitfalls my clients run into over and over again, and how to avoid them from the beginning.

Date Correctly and Find Your Life Partner: No two relationships are the same, but there is a wrong way to date. Learn how to date correctly so you can find your life partner.

Ready to take your life and relationships to the next level? This program gives you the step-by-step process to quickly transform your relationships and create healthy intimacy.

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Meet Your Instructor & Mentor:

Hello there! I’m Brendan Burns, the founder of BrendanHBurns.com and the host of The Brendan Burns Show on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. After growing up in an abusive environment with no model for what a healthy relationship should look like, I've now recovered from many of the relationship issues that haunted my past and I can now engage in healthy intimate relationships. My life has completely transformed because of the strategies I'm sharing with you in this program.

It's been a journey to get to where I am now, though. I spent years trying to cope with my upbringing by creating shallow relationships or not dating at all, and feeling really stuck. That is, until I decided to change and took action to reclaim my life! Using the tools & techniques from the How to Find the One system, I left unhappy relationships in the past, became more secure with myself, developed healthy intimacy, started a podcast focused on relationship advice, and brought my relationships to the next level. Whether you are perpetually single and have no idea what you're doing wrong, in an unhealthy relationship that you want to improve, or want to make your current relationship even better, How to Find the One is here to ensure your success! Wherever you are currently at, How to Find the One can help you have a fun and fulfilling relationship.

Are you ready to see you DREAM RELATIONSHIP come true?

This program will set you on the ultimate journey. It is for those who want passion, excitement, positive communication, and fulfillment in their relationships. Let's make it happen!

F.A.Q. & Fun Facts


What if I'm new to dating or relationships?

No problem at all! I have your back with step by steps lessons for you. As soon as you enroll, you'll get access to the training videos and step-by-step lessons where I will walk you through each step and show you EXACTLY how to get started. The information and exercises you will learn are very powerful, and I will be there to walk you through each one!


Do I get new content if I join?

Yes, I share fresh, new material all the time especially in our Private VIP Facebook Group mastermind community. You will receive amazing content and the opportunity to ask your questions directly to me in the group.


What exactly do I get with the community?

Great question, As soon as you purchase, you will get immediate access (via username and password) to the online content portal, which is updated with new content each month. I will lead calls every other week to give you my insider tips and directly answer your questions.

  • Login 24/7 (it is all digital so you can log in to access the content and take it on the go with you as well).

  • Content is available in video + text.

  • You get instant access to the step-by-step Modules to attack at your own pace


Can I re-watch the videos and all the other cool stuff?

YES! During the month, you can rewatch all the content!


Will I get access to others like me?

OF COURSE! Our private Facebook community is filled with supportive and like-minded others in the same shoes as you.


Is this program right for me? Meaning, will it “work” for me?

OK, so everyone’s situation is a little bit different, but I can give you the EXACT blueprint for relationship success with my absolute best tools, strategies and step-by-step hand-holding. There are literally thousands of case studies of successful students who have made incredible positive changes to their relationships If you are committed and are willing to put in the work, it will 100% give you amazing results! If you come in with the attitude that you know everything and are looking for some kind of magic fairy dust, then it ain’t for you.


Will there be other expenses after I enroll? Will it be an arm and a leg?

Not at all! There are no hidden costs or extra purchases that will be required after you enroll.


Is How to Find the One really step-by-step?

Absolutely! No guesswork. Just follow the system :)


If I have a question, who should I ask?

We pride ourselves on having fantastic customer service to help you out with any customer-related issues. I'm available 24/7 to always answer your questions. And we offer support in our Private Facebook Group which you will get access to when you enroll.


Do I need to receive anything via snail mail?

No way! Everything takes place online (all digital) and not only can you log in anytime you want, you can also download everything and take it on the go with you.

How to Find the One combines my PROVEN relationship coaching and self-improvement strategies into a full-proof system that has worked for me and so many students from all over the world.

I'm confident you'll LOVE it too which is why I’m offering a 100% Money-back guarantee.



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